December 24, 2011

Holiday Series - Chocolate Crinkles ♥

Christmas time means eating lots of baked goods ♥ I looooove to bake, and have loved it since I was a kid watching my mom from the kitchen counter. This year I decided to make Chocolate Crinkles. They are undoubtedly Christmas and look so pretty - it's ok if they crack, because you want them to!

The recipe I used is here. I would say I recommend it, simply because the texture is divine, so fudgy and softly chewy. However, next time I make it, I would consider adding more of a chocolate flavour and less sugar, because these were kind of too sweet and not chocolately enough for me. Otherwise, it's so easy and fun to make and yummy to eat :)

I only have a picture of the batter after we've mixed it, because before this it was chunky and runny at the same time and.... just not so appetizing for the eye.

After chilling for 4 hours, the batter is ready..........

to be dropped onto icing sugar.........

and rolled into balls!

My boyfriend doing a very good job :)

Ready for the oven!

Now pictures cannot possibly do the baking process justice, so I have taken many photos and my sis has nicely made them into gifs so that you can experience what my favourite part of making chocolate crinkles is:



These ones we made smaller so the effect is not so dramatic, but they're so cute! These are all in the span of about 10 minutes. I love watching it, my boyfriend makes fun of me because I sit next to the oven like it was the TV and concentrate on it like nothing else.

Here's them out of the oven, I just love the crackling and the dark chocolate against the white powdered sugar snow!

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