November 25, 2011

Nail Love: Glistening Ice

Since we got our first snow, I have been inspired by all things frosty and shimmery. My nails this week are a cool glittery blue, inspired by the shimmering frost that appear every morning as I step out of my house.

Inspiriation from Pinterest ♥

These wonderful images are from Pinterest

Under: Sephora Havana Dreams
Over: Sephora Naughty is the New Nice

Havana Dreams is a creamy cool tone baby blue, and it goes incredibly well with Naughty is the New Nice (loving the name!), from the Sephora by OPI Glimmer Wonderland Collection. Naughty is the New Nice is an icy blue with fine silver glitter, making it a cool, frosty choice for my ice inspired nails.

For the gradation effect, I simply used a small piece of foundation sponge to stipple on the glitter polish. Concentrate on the tips first as that is where you want the colour to be the darkest. Then, as the nail polish gets used up, start stippling it upwards to create a soft gradation of colour. Go slowly as you can always go back and add more - it's actually kind of fun and takes no time! Great for makeover night with the girls! Just remember to let the bottom coat set first as you don't want to make a dent in the bottom colour.

Hope you liked this week's Nail Love! I had so much fun doing them :) Let me know what you think! And to the people living in the US, happy Thanksgiving!

November 18, 2011

Nail Love: Holographic Rainbow

Under: Sephora in 212-Sephora
Over: Nails Inc in The Donmar

It was crazy at Sephora over the weekend, especially with the VIB 20% off sale, it was almost like Christmas!! (can we just skip forward to Christmas now pretty please? did everyone notice how one day after Halloween, the Christmas decorations are up already in the stores?!)

Glitter nail polishes are such forgiving things to work with because if you mess up and smudge it, just add a tiny drop and it will somehow blend right in. They also have the power of camoflauging any smudges underneath, so if you mess up your french manicure, make it a glitter french manicure and it will look great!

There are so many new glitter coats out this season that I just had to try them all! I couldn't decide so I layered two together.

The 212-Sephora is black with iridescent, gold and copper chunky glitter. You can see from the photos that from different angles, the polish looks totally different, from holographic green to brown-black, and even dark gold in the light.

The Donmar is the overglaze polish of 'The Donmar Collection' from the new Nails Inc. Special Effects collection - A red-gold holographic flake glittery polish. It is a bit harder to see with the glitters already underneath, and unfortunately I couldn't pick it up with my camera, but from different angles, you can see pinky reddish glitters which brings out the gold in the 212-Sephora. Sadly, it was sold out, so I picked up 'The Old Vic Collection' instead as it was my boyfriend's favourite out of the series.

November 07, 2011

Nail Love: Pink Half Moon

Under: Chanel 463 Rose Satin 
Middle: OPI Chapel of Love
Over: Anna Sui 244

Half moon manicures are deliciously vintage, first appearing in the 1920s. It has already made a comeback in the 1940s so it's no surprise that it's making yet another comeback this year! And it's no surprise that the half moon manicure took off - beauty and make up has always revolved around the look of health and well-being. Traditional Chinese medicine has always taught that nails, and especially half moons on the nails, were a sign of good blood circulation and overall health.

I did this look using the new technique with reinforcements. It was easier than I expected and a lot of fun! Just stick the reinforcements on the area you want to keep clean, and paint the second colour over it. This look is best on longer, oval shaped nails, as the half moon will take away from the length of the nail. Next time I think I should use a base colour not so close to my skin tone... from far away I look like I have wierd short rainbow shaped nails.

I originally just wanted the OPI (hot pink) on top, but it was way too sheer so I had to put on a thin layer of the Anna Sui (dark pastel purple with pink and iridescent glitters) to create a bigger contrast.

It's such a girl thing to say "oh no I broke a nail :((((((((", isn't it?? But I find it really annoying when you spent time doing your nails and then ONE nail gets chipped or breaks and ruins the whole look. I have a bad habit of using my nails for things and at the end of every week my nails are a mess. Good thing there is a Sephora nearby where I can get my nail polish fix ♥

Love these looks! Of course, who can resist a little Chanel, even on their nails?