November 18, 2011

Nail Love: Holographic Rainbow

Under: Sephora in 212-Sephora
Over: Nails Inc in The Donmar

It was crazy at Sephora over the weekend, especially with the VIB 20% off sale, it was almost like Christmas!! (can we just skip forward to Christmas now pretty please? did everyone notice how one day after Halloween, the Christmas decorations are up already in the stores?!)

Glitter nail polishes are such forgiving things to work with because if you mess up and smudge it, just add a tiny drop and it will somehow blend right in. They also have the power of camoflauging any smudges underneath, so if you mess up your french manicure, make it a glitter french manicure and it will look great!

There are so many new glitter coats out this season that I just had to try them all! I couldn't decide so I layered two together.

The 212-Sephora is black with iridescent, gold and copper chunky glitter. You can see from the photos that from different angles, the polish looks totally different, from holographic green to brown-black, and even dark gold in the light.

The Donmar is the overglaze polish of 'The Donmar Collection' from the new Nails Inc. Special Effects collection - A red-gold holographic flake glittery polish. It is a bit harder to see with the glitters already underneath, and unfortunately I couldn't pick it up with my camera, but from different angles, you can see pinky reddish glitters which brings out the gold in the 212-Sephora. Sadly, it was sold out, so I picked up 'The Old Vic Collection' instead as it was my boyfriend's favourite out of the series.


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