January 09, 2012

Movie Break: Breakfast at TIffany's

Hello! How is 2012 treating everyone so far? Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I'll be getting back up to it soon!

And I'd like to say a big THANK YOU for all your comments and for following!! It made my day to see that I have over 100 followers now! I have a special photo post planned for the occasion, coming up!

Here's a personal bit coming up, you can skip down to the stars if you don't want to hear me whine:

Here is what has been happening the last week, in some short words: flu, month-end work, year-end work, workplace drama/screw up, stress, feeling like a failure, job promotion offer despite screw up, more stress, possibility of previously fractured rib re-fracturing wtf, friggin time of the month, cramps, exhaustion.

Here is how I've been dealing with them, in some short words: sleep, sick day, boyfriend, medicine (reluctantly), cough drops, old movies, sleep, 9gag, sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

But I am feeling better so I should be back to posting more looks soon!

So one of the few things I did manage to do last week was watch Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's one of my go-to movies for when I'm feeling down. I love everything about it, the characters, their quirks, the random storyline, the script, the way they talk and enunciate the words. Oh, did I mention Audrey Hepburn?

This film is one of the results of the great collaboration between Hubert de Givenchy and his muse, Audrey Hepburn. One thing I love about how Givenchy did the wardrobe for Holly Golightly is that he didn't give her  many pieces as her character is desperately trying to save up money (she doesn't even have a chequing account), but instead uses accessories and mixes and matches to get different looks. Here are my favourite looks from the movie.

The famous opening scene where Holly Golightly eats breakfast at Tiffany's in her iconic black gown. Such a classic look. I love the long strands of pearls, highlighting the back of the dress, and how she keeps the look young with those famous Wayfarers.

A closer look at her outfit - accessorizing with a tiara, black opera gloves, a white shawl and a small, simple black bag.

Who doesn't love that darling eye mask? There are a couple places where you can buy lookalikes online, but I still have not found the perfect replica yet. This look is so adorable, the purple tassel ear plugs are perfect for Holly!

Five minutes later, she is fashionably dressed and ready to go! I love the scene of her getting ready with Paul. It's so cute! This is the first scene where you see Holly's little black dress, which she wears multiple times in this movie. It's a wonderful, versatile piece, knee-length with a ruffly hem. I love how she accessorizes with a big black hat, cute dangly pearl earrings and black alligator shoes!

Just wanted to include this picture because I love that pink Chinese kei po! I love the jeweled neckline, so pretty!

So cute here, look how happy she is to see Paul! I never figured out what exactly that is, a towel? A curtain? A bedsheet? It must be a bed sheet because it had to have been big enough to cover her... Well anyway, she looks so good!

Here she is wearing the same little black dress from the earlier getting-ready scene. All she had to do is to accessorize with bubbly, sparkly earrings, a huge bib necklace, and a long cigarette holder and she has a totally different look!

I didn't like Mag Wildwood's character but I don't think you're supposed to. But I did like her gorgeous white brocade dress.

I love the laughing/crying guest, and the whole party scene in general. They really went all out in this scene, it's so funny and chaotic and ridiculous!

Here is Holly in almost the same outfit as the beginning of the movie, visiting Sing Sing with Paul. The only difference is she has a different bag. This one seems like an alligator one, with a gold chain.

Having a break from her usual extravagant attire and into sweater and jeans, singing the famous "Moon River".

Back to her little black dress! This time she adds a fluffy hat, a brooch to her dress and the earrings from the party scene. Does anyone else think that part where Doc carries her back into her apartment is so awkward?

Here is the first appearance of the famous trench coat. I love how she ties her scarf in the back. I find that Holly dresses in beige and black when she's going through more serious times or when reality hits her.

This orange robe could easily pass off as a shirt dress, cinched tightly around the waist as Audrey Hepburn likes to do.

Look how cute and happy they are walking down the street! The orange coat is stunning on Holly and Paul is looking very dapper as well. The scene in Tiffany's is one of my favourites, I love the way they speak so eloquently about an otherwise awkward situation. I wonder if Tiffany's would still engrave something that wasn't bought at their place today. And the bit in the Five and Ten is so cute, I love that Holly tries to steal the fish bowl.

It's so Holly Golightly to wear sunglasses in the library. This is Holly's second beige and black outfit (with the gold chain alligator bag going along perfectly) for another moment when reality hits her......

.... and she fights back with a bright pink dress!! And an even bigger pink tiara and glittery white clutch. The telegram scene is such a sad one but you can see the lovely scalloped details and jewels so clearly.

A third beige and black outfit for Holly, for another "reality" moment. I love the collar on that sweater, paired perfectly with cigarette pants, the same black alligator bag and black loafers. I just had to include the picture in the middle, I love that pink cake!!

Finally, the last outfit! Holly is getting ready with Paul as she is at the beginning of the movie, putting on the same little black dress but wearing the beige trench coat on top for another serious moment! It looks perfect cinched in the waist and with her black alligator shoes. And who else loves that beautiful lipstick colour? She looks absolutely gorgeous!

That's it! I know this post was extremely long, there were so many outfits that I love in this movie. I hope you've enjoyed it! Let me know what you think :)

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