February 03, 2012

Movie Break: My Fair Lady : Part 2

We're back with Part 2 of My Fair Lady!

And if you've read my last post and haven't guessed by now, this story takes place in England - London to be exact - which will be one of the destinations for my trip! So excited :))))))

Side note: Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!! I'm just swamped at the moment as it's stupid month-end again :( I will definitely get back to you guys soon ♥

Let's kick off with a very formal and pompous Ascot Opening Day:

I can't get over that weird mascara brush hat, it's so distracting!! But anyway, I love the design and choreography of this scene, how everyone seems to be walking into each other but just seamlessly slides out of the way without noticing. I think the production of this on a sound stage was great. If it had been on location, the setting would not only have taken away from the simple colour scheme of white, grey and black, but also the elaborate hats and gowns.

I love the bit with the two women who wore the same ridiculously extravagant hat. I guess there really is no way to hide if you're both wearing something so unique and huge!

Hehe, look at Higgins being all out of place and not caring in his beige suit!

And of course, we have this beautiful outfit:

"Well if I was doing it proper, what was you sniggering at? Have I said anything I oughtn't?"

How beautiful is this dress? And how much work it must have been to walk in it with that huge hat on your head, an umbrella in one hand, and a huge lace bag in the other?

Apparently, the ribbons in this outfit are not black and white, but a very deep purple and white. Flowers are attached onto the side, little violets, wheat, and red roses. I love the lace under-bonnet, the little flower details are darling.

Hehehe, you gotta love Audrey :)

Well that was a little speed bump they had to go over... but they finally make it to the Embassy Ball.

LOVE the pink satin ribbon overcoat
LIKE the pastel brocade kimono type overcoat
DON'T KNOW what's going on with that balloon feather puffy thing

This is probably one of my most favourite scenes in the movie. You can feel Eliza practically floating through the air, nervous and excited. And when Higgins offers his arm it's like omgomgomgomgomgomg totally cute moment!

I love the empire shape of this dress, beaded and gemmed throughout. It moves so beautifully when she walks and dances. It's definitely wedding dress material!

Hehe, old school gossip...

Everyone was dressed impeccably but I just had to mention the Queen of Transylvania, who looked so regal in her lilac dress. Such a beautiful colour!

When I was a kid, this was my second favourite outfit (after the Embassy Ball outfit) because it was pink and there were grapes in her hat. The shape of her jacket is really interesting, with it being pointed in the front and long and pleated in the back.

Imagine walking down the street now with that ensemble! This is the last and most feminine outfit for Eliza, a pink chiffony organza dress with ruffles and a huge rosette with a matching ruffly hat. Here she is finally a lady - perfect hair, rosy cheeks, and a reasonable, fair, forgiving attitude, coming back to stubborn old Higgins. I don't like the ending too much, but I like that it stays true to the characters. It would not have been Higgins if he suddenly became head over heels drooling over Eliza. So I guess it was a good compromise :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this Movie Break! Have a great weekend :)

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